Exclusive Designs

Noble’s concept is to offer a mix of modern and timeless models, chosen following the behavior trends of consumer, in a way that our clients can serve different niches and styles. Our products are designed to fulfill important roles, such as aesthetic, technical and commercial, with contour and quality.

We have numerous shapes, eye sizes, bridge designs and openings, eye height, rod lengths, in a wide variety of combinations and technical adjustments, to offer a product that meets different physical characteristics and provides beauty and balance to the face.

We use raw materials and components of inspected origin and we always seek the most suitable material for each model, thus guaranteeing comfort and quality to our products.

Our partner manufacturers specialize in different materials so that our collections bring, every month, something new, bold, attractive, and commercial, at competitive prices.

“With your brand or ours, our style is to meet your style.”

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