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Why you should buy eyewear from China

With the eyewear industry getting more and more competitive, finding new ways and places for sourcing is essential for opticians to improve its store assortment and balance quality versus price. In this context, China has the most relevant eyeglasses market and manufacturers in the world.


It’s important to take advantage of the competitive benefits – price, quality, customization and speed – from the Chinese market. In this way, it’s possible to achieve the correct balance between price, quality and delivery time that fashion demands, meeting the expectations of final customers that are increasingly demanding.


Here are the top 5 motives for you to consider buying directly from China:


Assortment options

With countless model choices of eyeglass frames and sunglasses, China is the perfect place for your store to create a differentiated product portfolio and stand out from the crowd


Low price

It is well known that Chinese manufacturers have unbeatable cost structures. To make things better, buying directly allows you to cut the hefty mark-ups from other distributors.


High quality

Even with the low costs of production, Chinese manufacturers can attend to the most rigorous client concerning eyewear quality. Particularly if you have a trusted wholesaler handpicking the best local suppliers.


Customization solutions

Several opticians have decided to build their own brands through Private Label solutions that are offered by suppliers in China.


Fast delivery

When using express air carriers such as DHL/UPS/FEDEX, lead time when ordering from China can be as short as 10 working days. This allows opticians to significantly reduce their stock and working capital requirements.


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