Unlike most factory eyewear suppliers, Noble Eyewear has a NO MOQ policy!

We are 100% focused on improving the Independent Optician’s business.

It is you, the Store Owner, who knows the style of each customer, so we want to help you increase your profit margin and sales, with a product mix that appeal to your audience!


This is how it works:



Our partner factories usually work with 300 to 500 MOQ per model, making it unfeasible for Independent Opticians to purchase these products directly.




By consolidating orders from hundreds of Independent Optical Stores from all over the world, we can offer you a NO MOQ ordering policy!




In exchange, we get only a small commission from our manufacturing partners for making the sale. With this model, the choice of product mix is 100% yours, even if it means buying a single piece per model. Our differential is flexibility!


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