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Minimalist Mood

Minimalist Mood

Ostentation and excess are in disuse, investing in timeless products and in a classic style is a behavioral trend that is here to stay. Minimalism stands out in several fashion segments, including Eyewear. Much desired, the small, discreet and geometrically shaped glasses bring references from the 90’s to enhance current looks.

Timeless pieces, simple lines and shapes, and neutral colors are keywords to understand minimalism in fashion. Another relevant point is the appeal to an elegant style, which goes hand in hand with minimalist productions. In current Eyewear, such meanings gain new interpretations, with modern, youthful and experimental combinations.

Model EC-20115

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Model EC-20114

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The trend appears in sunglasses and prescription frames and can be seen in both men and women. The size is reduced and the formats are more discreet, with an emphasis on round, rectangular and hexagonal sunglasses. The vintage style is also present in the minimalist accessories.

Model EC-20130

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Model FG-1235

Model EC-20132

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Model HP-229

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In keeping with the classic and timeless line, the colors of minimalist sunglasses tend to be more neutral, with frames and lenses in black or brown. In the minimalist grade frames, gold and silver predominate. When models appear in other colors, the hue is always clear.

Model EC-20131

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Model LY-CA194F

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Model EC-20121-SUN

The same premise applies to the prints, which are carefully crafted and do not steal the show. In keeping with the traditional aesthetic, turtle patterns are the most seen in all seasons.

Model FG-1232

Model YN-K9015

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