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March Collection is Here!

March Collection combines elegance,
sophistication and modernity in its pieces.


To compose the collection, several models were developed in celebration of the International Women’s Day (8th march). They all work very well for prescription or solar lenses, and have LIGHTNESS as their main concept! Know the details and the concept of each of the models developed for this collection:

DSC 1092 (MODEL 20121)

Delicate work of titanium with fine acetate, results in an incredibly light and cool frame. In the round shape, the icon of the moment, we have a unisex accessory that meets a versatile and contemporary style. Perfect for use with ophthalmic and solar lenses.

Acetate Women's Eyeglass Frame from Noble Eyewear - HP214
HP214 - Women's acetate wholesale eyeglass frame

Model HP214

In a geometric format with smooth lines, this timeless model, in acetate, raises the eyes leaving a cheerful expression, highlighting the feminine grace. The nasal support is with tips mounted on a support designed to allow adjustment in various types of nasal bases, from high to more flattened bases. Perfect for use with ophthalmic and solar lenses.

Light Oversized Acetate Women's Eyeglass Frame Unisex Model from Noble Eyewear - EC20117
EC20117 - Light and clean oversized women's acetate wholesale eyeglass frame

Model EC20117

A clean profile, in an oversized model, this format is a mixture of round and geometric, which as a fashion accessory, caters to women with a young and bold style who are “tuned” with the latest trends. Oversized  but  In thin acetate we have a light and comfortable product.

Round Oversized Acetate Women's Sunglass model from Noble Eyewear - EC20116
EC20116 - Fashionable oversized women's acetate wholesale sunglass

Model EC 20116

We combine boldness and elegance, in a thick and round acetate, with expressive chamfer design, highly fashionable. Extremely feminine, it was designed to fit various face shapes. Lightness and comfort are present, making this accessory perfect for day to day use.

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