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Glasses: a stylish accessory

Eyeglasses are a fashion accessory and not just a visual aid. They must be in tune with the user’s profile. Through them it is possible to express personality and set a style. Formats have great responsibility in this regard, they have the power, for example, to make the expression serious or relaxed, powerful or delicate and much more!!! The cool thing is to discover that it is possible to recognize yourself with several formats and have a style for each occasion!

Retangular Glasses

Strong personality, centered, determined, trends for more serious looks.

Model EM-20840

In a rectangular shape, with a modern style, in stainless steel, this model brings joviality and lightness to the look. The design of the temples is light and has a particular detail. Suitable for Suitable for big faces and monofocal and multifocal lenses.

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Model YC-14026

Rectangular shape, with metal details. Meets the most conservative profile, with an updated touch.

Model TS-2033

Casual model, it’s ideal for those looking for something cool and comfortable for everyday life. Rectangular in shape, it’s perfect for round and square faces.

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Rounded Glasses

Express delicacy, softness, calm.

Model EM-20126-RX

Very light, this model modernizes the classic round shape with a light fashion touch. This accessory is perfect for those who enjoy the refurbished retro style. An extremely modern accessory for all occasions.

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Model YC-5040

Fashion and Stylish! Round model with upper traverse temple, in extremely thin and light metal, attracts men and women looking for a fashion icon accessory.

Model YN-K9003

Retro style can also be seen in this model that mixes TR-90 and acetate. Very charming, this round shape, with rivets, no gender, serves those looking for a modern and striking look.

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Geometric Glasses

Composed of several lines, they convey a sense of modernity, joy and relaxation.

Model NC-31065-1

Particular and modern is the construction of this butterfly-shaped model with a faceted profile. An accessory that marks the expression with boldness and femininity.

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Model YN-K9014

This model in geometric shape, in TR90, with nose pads, in addition to being very modern, is perfect for all face shapes. Rivets add a charming touch.

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Model YC-29028

Bold square design, this model in thin metal, brings joviality and lightness. Modern casual style, attracts the fashion profile of all ages.

Square Glasses

Convey the message of stability, security and power.

Model NC-39010-1

Bold and charming, in this square model we have a rebellious youthful energy. Perfect for those looking for a striking look.

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Model NC-31082-1

A fashion trend, this square model brings elegance with a bold touch. Ideal for women looking for a refined and youthful look.

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Model YC-23147

Square design, with a bolder touch, perfect for those who want a modern accessory for all occasions.

Cat Eye Glasses

Charm and grace, makes any look more elaborate.

Model NC-32004

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Model NC-31080-1

Bold and very feminine, this design brings a different and beautiful version of the cat-eye model. For a more striking look.

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Model YC-21006

Stylish and very feminine, this model in the shape of a cat’s eye leaves a happy expression. The small size, delicate and cheerful colors combine with a more delicate profile and is perfect for small faces.

Thick Frames

Express a strong personality, while thin hoops reveal more intellectuality.

Model YC-21055

Modern format, in straight and hard lines, this rectangular model in acetate caters to those looking for a current and bold look. The finishing with rivets gives a retro touch to this modern accessory.

Model EC-20121

Delicate work of titanium with fine acetate, results in an incredibly light and bold frame. In the round shape, the icon of the moment, we have a unisex accessory that meets a versatile and contemporary style. Perfect for use with ophthalmic and solar lenses.

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