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Size Guide

Understanding the Size Format (e.g., 50-20-145):

The size format of eyeglasses typically consists of three numbers separated by hyphens. The first number represents the lens width, the second number represents the bridge width, and the third number represents the temple length.

Lens Width: This measurement refers to the width of each lens in millimeters (mm). It determines the horizontal size of the lens.

Bridge Width: The bridge width is the distance between the two lenses in millimeters (mm). It measures the space across the bridge of your nose.

Temple Length: Temple length represents the length of the temple arms, also known as the side arms or earpieces, in millimeters (mm). It indicates how long the temples are from the hinge to the end that rests on your ears.

At Noble Eyewear, we offer the following sizes:

  • P (Small): Lens width less than 50mm (approximately 1.97 inches).
  • M (Medium): Lens width ranging from 50mm to 53mm (approximately 1.97 to 2.09 inches).
  • G (Large): Lens width greater than 53mm (approximately 2.09 inches).

Take accurate measurements of your glasses using this guide to find the perfect fit and explore our wide range of stylish frames at Noble.



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